Defense R&D

Rapid Innovative Defense R&D

The DoD relies on constant innovation to protect the nation and enhance warfighter capabilities. Star Shot Research aims to play a critical role in conceiving, developing, and delivering solutions to support the DoD in a time-sensitive manner.

Test-Driven R&D Methodology

Star Shot Research utilizes a unique test-driven approach to research and development of advanced concepts and technologies. This approach focuses on challenging new ideas immediately in order to produce tangible artifacts that can be measured. Then using those measurements, further define the idea (hypothesis). Ideally, these tests should be performed rapidly in iterative fashion over a few days, if not hours.

This technique is useful when the problem space is not well defined and time is of the essence. In practice, concept to prototype can be accomplished within a short period of time subject to material acquisition. An additional benefit of this approach is that the prototype can transition to an operational state rapidly with a test strategy for IOT&E.

Committed to Innovative Rapid Delivery

Star Shot Research excels at applying this methodology to the operational needs of DoD Components seeking innovative technologies and new capabilities. With this experience, Star Shot Research seeks to support the objective of delivering effective, secure, supportable, and affordable solutions to end users while enabling execution at the speed of relevance.