Digital Engineering: The Way Ahead

Star Shot Research Is Shaping Future Design With Digital Engineering

Theoretically, the idea of Digital Engineering has been around for quite some time. The introduction of databases in the 1970s and 1980s were making the attempt to centralize information related to a particular product for different types of stakeholders. Fast forward almost 50 years and we are at the tip of the Digital Engineering ice berg. Technology for computation, modeling, analytics and data has caught up to the ideals of an integrated digital approach for the development and life of a system.

Flexible Digital Engineering Ecosystem

For each of our efforts we have to maintain a degree of flexibility on what tools are actually required. This entails a methodology that consistently evaluates the computing infrastructure, model, data, and simulation interoperability for testing. The real-time feedback we obtain ensures that we are providing the best approach to solve the hardest of analytical problems.

Star Shot Research has in-depth experience with how to integrate the appropriate tools to achieve a digital engineering approach for Research & Development. A balance is maintained between pushing the capability limits of tools and recognizing when to throttle back. Whether it’s Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tools such as Cameo Systems Modeler, Deep Learning with TensorFlow, or prototyping software like National Instruments LabView; we have found a way to integrate and yield tangible, useful test results for collaborating across engineering disciplines.

Agnostic Interoperability With Your Digital Engineering Ecosystem

As a part of our desire to foster an environment to drive continuous improvements, Star Shot Research maintains a focus on how to interface with different Digital Engineering Ecosystems. Central to this theme is the Application Programming Interface (API) approach to support agnostic interoperability. Your ecosystem may already have process, methods, and tools in place or perhaps they are in the middle of development. By defining an API for your ecosystem we not only ensure that the testing results we generate are compatible, but provide an avenue for sharing your ecosystem with other vendors or organizations.

Digital Engineering Is Here To Stay

Across industries, there has been an adoption of Digital Engineering in one form or the other. The benefits of maintaining an ecosystem where there is an Authoritative Source of Truth and a process to Incorporate Technological Innovation, outweighs the costs associated with Establishing Infrastructure and Environments. The aerospace, auto and health industries find savings in the longevity of a quality product that is created by investing up-front with the formalization of Developing, Integrating and Using Models. Star Shot Research is invested in this approach and will help our customers pursue a future in Digital Engineering as well.