We Are Innovative R&D

Star Shot Research’s mission is to spark creative and sound solutions that enhances our customers’ operational value. We thrive when presented with complex problems. Our natural curiosity and experience across the defense, artificial intelligence and cyber domains allows us to challenge the engineering norms for dynamic solution spaces.

Our Process

Star Shot Research concentrates on iterative rapid testing of plausible ideas to shape design requirements. We have mastered this trade-craft so that it can be applied to any field of study.

Why It Works

Results that can be studied provide an opportunity to better understand the problem. And when you better understand your problem, the solution space begins to define itself. This iterative testing approach permits us to utilize a variety of digital engineering type of technologies that provide tangible, but useful data to work with. Our trade-craft comes into play here to be able to discern what are the most viable design requirements for our customer’s solution.

Where Are We Headed

We see the solutions derived from our work as pieces of the greater puzzle for human advancement. Our customers are vested in these technological ideals and we will be there every step of the way. Take a look at the latest Star Shot Research pursuits.